In the beginning stages of sketching and model making, I became inspired by the architectural forms of the Turk’s Head building in downtown Providence. One of my priorities in executing this project was to experiment with color in form. I choose ash as the wood  because of its abilities to absorb color dye. After making tests, I went with red dye because of its rich aura and  ability to translate and highlight form in objects. Each part is joined together with mortise and tenon joints, totaling over 100.


- Mortise and tenon joinery


Ash hard wood, dye


24.5”L x 13.5”D x 34.5”H


Formal inspiration was derived from architecture

Sketches and models

Mapping out grain direction

Final construction drawing

Cutting miter joinery using a lasercut template

Applying dye to the cut parts

Glueing up with floating tenons

Detail views of the legs